Rouyu Technologies Launches The World's First Sixth Generation Flexible Display Line

- Jun 07, 2018-

On June 6, Rouyu Technology announced that a large-scale mass production line with a total investment of approximately 11 billion yuan has been successfully turned on and put into production. This is also the world's first flexible production line with six generations of flexible displays. The production capacity of the production line exceeds 50 million flexible display screens per year, which can support a large number of consumer electronics, intelligent transportation, smart home, sports fashion, education office, robotics and other industries, and has extensive cooperation with domestic and foreign industry partners.

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“This is a historic moment worth remembering,” said Liu Zihong, founder, chairman, and CEO of Joywoo Technology. After six years of arduous efforts, the first batch of six-generation full-flexible displays with independent intellectual property rights was awarded by Rouyu. The production line was officially put into production, which symbolized that the dream of the flexible world that the people of Joyce insisted on had truly become a reality! This smooth light of production was an important milestone in the history of the development of Joysoft, I believe that Flexo’s flexible display and Innovative technologies and products such as flexible sensors will be widely used in all aspects of people's lives."

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In contrast to traditional panel makers who have copied the curved display technology of Japan and South Korea, they have invested more than 10 billion yuan in OEM production lines. Compared with other OEMs, the fully flexible display production line independently developed by Rouyu has a higher yield rate and lower investment cost. The superior flexibility and display performance is the best proof of true technological innovation from 0 to 1, from 1 to N.

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