Registered Trademark Exposure: Samsung Folding Screen Or Named Infinity-V

- Oct 31, 2018-

Judging from the recent news, Samsung has smashed at least two big moves with the flagship plane after a long silence. One is the Galaxy S10 "Three Musketeers" and the other is a foldable screen mobile phone.


Among them, the Galaxy S10/S10+ is likely to use the upper screen fingerprint and the screen camera technology at the same time, and push the screen ratio to 93% and above without the packaging of bangs, sliders and pop-up lenses.


As for the foldable screen mobile phone, the SDC (Samsung Developer Conference) held in San Francisco next week will be the first to announce the details of UI design. It is said that in order to make a folding screen, Samsung has specially teamed up with Google to customize an operating system.


According to SamMobile, Samsung has registered the infinity-V trademark under the smartphone classification, which is likely to be the brand name of the folding screen. Samsung started using Infinity Display from S8 to refer to its 18.5:9 screen. The Chinese translation is a full-view curved screen. It seems that infinity-V will be called "full-view folding screen?".


If you are careful, the "V" is a very visual representation of the concept of folding, which is very easy to understand.


Comprehensive hand-held information, Samsung folding screen mobile phone external screen 4 inches, internal screen 7 inches, hinge life of more than 300,000 times, weight 200g or so, the official release time is 2019 Q2 or Q3.