Quantum-dot TV, OLED TV, And Laser TV Have Their Own Advantages. Which Television Do You Prefer?

- May 23, 2018-

Upgrade quantum dots to bring high color gamut

LCD TVs also have upgraded technology, which is quantum dot technology. This material, which can be attached to the back of the liquid crystal panel, has the effect of improving the color gamut of the liquid crystal panel. The quantum dot film is also very light and thin, and at the same time, it does not require a large-scale transformation of the existing LCD panel production line, so it can be launched quickly. At the same time, because the transformation technology is not complicated and the cost of quantum dot materials is continuously decreasing, the economic cost advantage of this technology is very obvious.

Many liquid crystal displays and LCD TVs are now equipped with quantum dots. Although its essence is still LCD TVs, but in the color display effect has been greatly improved, while the price of quantum dot products is not expensive, so it is more suitable for ordinary consumers. In the future, many consumers will choose such products when they purchase TV.

Advanced choice OLED will be light and thin in the end

In fact, OLED televisions also have the advantage of high color gamut, but because they are completely different from the light-emitting principles of liquid crystal display technology, they have not been well controlled in terms of cost. OLED uses the principle of self-luminous, without the need for backlight to make this display technology can be extremely thin, much thinner than the current LCD TV. At the same time OLED TV can also achieve 4K resolution, and has a high color gamut, but also can be made into a curved TV, as smart systems are even more of a matter. Therefore, it can be said that OLED TVs are TVs without obvious shortcomings.

If you want to pick a shortcoming, it is that the price of large-screen OLED TVs is still relatively expensive, even more than 10,000 yuan, ordinary consumers may still feel that they can not accept. At present, the price reduction of OLED TVs will not be particularly fast, and it is unlikely that the price of OLED TVs will compete with traditional LCD TVs in the future. This is the result of both cost and market. After all, it is not necessary for OLED TVs to explore such low-priced areas. Positioning high-end TVs is all right.

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