QLED Is The Best Luminous Material

- May 17, 2018-

Quantum dots used in QLEDs are semiconductor nanocrystals. When stimulated by light or electricity, the quantum dots emit colored light. The color of the light is determined by the composition and size of the quantum dots. Therefore, by changing the shape of the quantum dots, high-peak pure light including red light to blue light can be obtained.

Quantum dot technology first appeared in the late 1970s. It was discovered by Western countries in the hope of finding an efficient photoelectric conversion technology during the oil crisis. Currently, research on quantum dots is a very popular field in the world. There are tens of thousands of papers published in one year.

“Quantum dots may be the best luminous materials ever discovered by humans.” Peng Xiaogang, professor of chemistry at Zhejiang University, said that quantum dots are solution semiconductor nanocrystals. Each small particle is a single crystal, and the size of the hair is very small. One of about. Only need to change the size of the quantum dot, you can call up the desired color, and the color purity is high, the stability of the crystal is also high, which is difficult for other materials, and do not need to worry about the service life.

The color gamut is a standard that determines how much color the human eye can observe. "According to the highest BT2020 standard, Apple's mobile phone is only about 50%, which means that half of the colors can't be displayed, but quantum dots can achieve 100% color gamut and restore all the colors we can perceive," Peng Xiaogang said.