Prospects For Smart Cities Can Be Expected

- Aug 29, 2018-

According to relevant data, as more than 500 cities around the world are moving towards becoming smart cities, the demand for related display products and solutions is expected to increase year by year.


While the deployment of these public information display (PID) products may vary from city to city, many applications such as traffic control, security monitoring, environmental monitoring, retail marketing, and electronic management may prioritize the deployment of PIDs.


With the development of smart city trends and the sharp decline in global panel prices, global demand for 32-inch and larger PIDs is expected to reach 7.3 million units in 2021, an increase of 61% from 2017.


Indoor PID is widely used in airports, MRT systems, large retail stores, convenience stores, department stores, and exhibition halls. Since the outdoor application of PID must consider factors such as rain, humidity, scratches, collision and air pollution, and also face competition from LED display products, the number of outdoor applications is significantly less than indoor applications, but the unit price of outdoor PID is also more high.


In recent years, more and more large cities have begun to promote the application of outdoor PID. For example, New York will transform its 7,500 traditional kiosks into kiosks with Wi-Fi connections through the "LinkNYC" program, which will require the use of 15,000 55-inch LCD panels. Other cities, including Philadelphia and London, have also launched similar projects.