Probable Popularity Of Flexible OLED Panels JDI Will Be Mass-produced In 2014

- Dec 27, 2018-

Japanese media daily Industrial News reported on the 19th that as manufacturers compete to develop practical OLEDs, it also increases the possibility of popularizing flexible panels. The report pointed out that in the practical application of OLED, South Korea's Samsung Electronics has taken the lead in mass production of small and medium-sized products, and has indicated that it plans to mass-produce flexible OLED panels in this (2012) year, and plans to officially launch it in Samsung after 2013. Mobile phones and tablet products.

The report pointed out that in the Japanese manufacturers, Japan Display Inc (hereinafter referred to as JDI), a small and medium-sized panel company jointly established by Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi and Japan's government and public fund "Industry Innovation Agency (INCJ)", also plans to invest in flexible OLEDs. The development of the panel and the planned mass production in 2014 at the earliest.

JDI President Daxie said on Monday, April 2 that JDI plans to provide OLED panel samples to manufacturers such as communication equipment in the first half of 2012 (April-September, 2012), and plans to start mass production in 2013. Enter the OLED panel market. Daxie said on Monday that JDI plans to mass-produce OLED panel products with a pixel density target of 300 ppi, which will be 1.3 times that of Samsung products.

Sharp announced on June 1 that it has developed a new technology for oxide semiconductors (IGZO), and has used the new IGZO technology to try to make 13.5-inch, 3.4-inch OLED panels; among them, 3.4-inch OLED panel resolution is 540x960, pixels It has a density of 326ppi and is characterized by its flexibility.