Plessey Introduces Silicon-Based Gallium Nitride High-List Micro LED Display Technology

- May 16, 2019-

It is reported that Dr. Wei Sin Tan, Plessey's epitaxial wafer business director, said: "We have achieved an important milestone in the development of single-chip Micro LED display technology. As far as we know, this is really the first time in the world, and we can achieve this achievement. We are very proud."


For many years, Plessey has been promoting the development of this technology by considering the single-chip multi-pixel LED Micro display as the future of outdoor visual augmented reality display glasses. Tan said: "This is also the industry's expected progress, and opened up a new market for Micro LED lighting display applications." Plessey is using wafer bonding by working with silicon backplane manufacturer Jasper Display (JDC) Technology has created this addressable Micro LED array.


"Wafer-level bonding is currently facing significant technical challenges," Plessey said. "It was previously impossible to achieve between GaN-on-Si LED wafers and high-density CMOS backplanes. After extensive capital investment, Plessey has successfully wafer-bonded its silicon-based GaN single-crystal Micro LED wafer with JDC's eSP70 silicon backplane technology to achieve a Micro LED display with addressable LEDs. technology."


It is reported that the addressable Micro LED array is a monochrome current-driven pixel array measuring 1,920*1,080 (Full HD) with a pitch of 8μm. Each display requires more than two million individual electronic bonds to connect the Micro LED pixels to the control backplane.


Plessey pointed out: "The JDC backplane provides independent 10-bit monochrome control for each pixel. The integration of a complete LED wafer onto a CMOS backplane wafer involves the use of more than 100 million wafers. Microscopic bonding."


TI Lin, vice president of product management at JDC, said: "Plessey's single-chip Micro LED arrays are well matched to JDC's high-density silicon backplanes. Our JD27E series also demonstrates that we can offer the products we expect from our partner Plessey and the wider industry. That is, they have taken into account the various requirements for Micro LED displays when designing silicon backplanes.