Pass The 2018 Version Of The IPhone Will Still Use The LCD Display

- Mar 22, 2018-


                In 2018, will Apple completely jump into the embrace of the OLED iPhone? As consumers, we naturally hope that such dreams can become a reality. But reality is not the case. According to ChinaTimes, the 2018 version of the iPhone will use OLED and LCD materials.

                In other words, this year, Apple will adopt the same strategy as last year. Last year, the iPhone 8 and 8Plus used the LCD display. For a long time, Apple chose the screen, and its commemorative version of the iPhone is equipped with the Is an OLED display. Therefore, many people in the industry hope that Apple can adjust its policy and strategy this year, but if the latest news is true, then Apple will not use OLED display this year. Despite previous news that Apple is investing in LGDisplay, I hope the latter can help it increase OLED production capacity.

Let's see today's resumption of trading stock price will fall a few?

Not Fully Using OLED: The 2018 iPhone will still use the LCD display

               The latest report pointed out that Apple will launch three mobile phones with different display sizes this year. One of them will have a size of 6.1 inches. This version will be equipped with an LCD display, which means that the other two will use OLED display.

               The report pointed out that JapanDisplay will become a major supplier of this 6.1-inch version of the iPhone display, and LG will also participate. In addition, the iPhone's price is low in the three models, and the metal backshell, the overall appearance is exactly the same as the current iPhoneX.

               So, is that true? We will wait and see.