Part Of The Size TV Panel Rose During The Peak Season To July

- Jul 11, 2018-

The third quarter is the global market for stocking season. TV manufacturers' demand for panel stocking increased compared with the second quarter. The panel factory actively adjusted the size structure, which drove the price of some TV panels to rise slightly in early July.

According to statistics, after the 32-inch TV panel price rebounded slightly in June, it maintained its upward trend in July, and the average price per piece rose by about US$3. In the third quarter of the 39.5 to 43-inch TV panel, supply and demand approached the balance. As the panel factory actively promoted the price increase, the price rose slightly in early July. Inventories of 49to 50are still high, and new capacity is continuously released. In the third quarter, supply and demand are relatively loose. However, the previous price has been fully adjusted, and the price of this size panel has stabilized in July. In the third quarter of the 55-inch TV panel, the TV manufacturers were actively stocking, and the supply and demand gradually became more balanced. The price stabilized in July.

As for large-size TV panels, TV manufacturers have gradually increased demand for 65-inch TV panels in response to the North American market season, and prices have stopped falling in July, and there is still a chance to rise in the future.