Overview Of The Selection Of LCD Screen

- May 10, 2018-


In the current display market, LCD large-screen splicing can be described as the most popular product. Most users are familiar with Samsung's latest 7.3mm ultra-narrow splicing screen. We know that the brightness of the LCD screen is controlled by the LCD panel. Determined, and currently in the country, we are still not able to produce LCD splicing panels, and last year the first domestic production of LCD panel production line, and BOE 6.5 generation line can only cut 37 inches below the LCD panel for small size LCD TVs and computer monitors use. So, no matter which manufacturer you choose, you can't change the hard parameters such as brightness and contrast as long as the other party uses Samsung's LCD panel. Therefore, before choosing, you must buy different brightness LCD splicing screen according to your own needs.

For now, the use of Samsung LTI460AA04 (700cd/m2) LCD panels and LTI460AA05 (450cd/m2) LCD panel LCD splicing screen, and then in the main application direction of the two products is no essential difference, but due to Different application environments have different requirements for large-screen brightness, which makes the two products have slight differences in specific applications.

Generally speaking, the human eye's tolerance for brightness is limited. If it is in a relatively small space with poor light, for example, its brightness reaches 700cd/m2, and the human eye may be burned; The bright light of the vast outdoor space, such as the square, the street, the brightness of the display will then 450cd/m2, then the image will be blurred for people. Therefore, Xiao Bian suggested here that users choose products based on their actual application environment, and now is a place with less light and limited space. Then choose LTI460AA05 is more suitable, and the opposite, the light is sufficient The vast space LTI460AA04 is preferred.