OPPO Folding Screen Patent Exposure New Exploration Of Mobile Phone Form

- Jul 06, 2018-

OPPO Find X has just been released recently. With its dual-track periscope structure of the liftable module and the front and rear integrated non-porous body, it proves the development strength of OPPO to consumers and the industry. Domestic mobile phones are no longer just passed. The "taken" approach to making mobile phones, but endorsing technology, to the height of aesthetics, OPPO Find X is the best interpretation of this. Recently, the foreign media has exposed OPPO's set of screen patent designs. It seems that OPPO is also exploring the new form of mobile phone products.

 LCD display.jpg

According to foreign media LetsGoDigital, OPPO applied for a patent entitled “Rotation mechanism and foldable mobile terminal” to WIPO on March 22, 2018, which translates as “rotating mechanism collapsible mobile terminal”. The patented mobile phone with folded screen design was published on April 6, 2018. At the same time, OPPO also applied for a second patent, translated as "hinge assembly, rotating mechanism folding mobile terminal", it is speculated that these two patents should be intertwined and complement each other to achieve screen folding technology.

 OLED display.jpg

Coincidentally, this is not OPPO's only patent on screen folding smartphones. Previously, on February 22, OPPO applied for a similar foldable mobile terminal patent, but unlike the above, the foldable screen in this patent consists of The three-part composition is used to carry a larger flexible screen module in a smaller volume.

Although these folding screens are currently at the stage of patent publication, we can also see OPPO's efforts in exploring new forms of mobile phone products. It is precisely because of the manufacturers' exploration of products that we can see more and more product forms appearing. I believe that OPPO will bring us more surprises in mobile phone products in the near future.