OLED product features

- Feb 09, 2018-

OLED display technology has the characteristics of self luminescence, using very thin organic coating and glass substrates, these organic materials glow when the current is passed, and OLED display screens are visually large and can save energy, and this display device has been applied to MP3 players since 2003.

OLED use of organic light-emitting materials, one is the dye and pigment as the material of the small molecule device system, and a conjugate polymer materials for the polymer device system. At the same time, because organic light-emitting diodes have light-emitting diode rectifier and luminescence characteristics, so small organic electroluminescent devices are also known as OLED (organic Light emitting diode), polymer organic light-emitting devices are called pled (polymer Light-emitting diode). Small molecules and polymer OLED in the material characteristics can be said to be the same, but with the existing technology development, such as the reliability of the monitor, and electrical characteristics, production stability, small molecule OLED in a leading position. The current production of OLED components, are all using small organic light-emitting materials.