OLED Panel Overcapacity Samsung First Supply To Chinese Mobile Phone Manufacturers

- Jun 29, 2018-

According to Korean media reports, as Apple will launch the iPhone X equipped with LCD panels in 2018, and further cut single Samsung AMOLED panels, resulting in overcapacity of the Samsung AMOLED panels, prices have fallen. In order to solve the above problems, Samsung first supplied AMOLED panels to Chinese handset manufacturers.

At present, Samsung is the world's largest AMOLED panel maker. Samsung Galaxy series smartphones have always used its best AMOLED panel, exclusive 2K high resolution, integrated Wa-Octa technology touch function, do not need a separate touch panel (TSP ). The AMOLED panel with Wa-Octa technology has been exclusive to Samsung mobile phones since it was paired with the Samsung Note 7 smartphone in 2016 and has never been exported to other companies.

Today, Apple has cut orders for iPhone X equipped with AMOLED screens. Chinese mobile phone companies have also begun to use LCD panels on full-screen mobile phones. Demand for AMOLEDs has dropped, which has led to a decline in the utilization rate of Samsung AMOLEDs.

On April 27, 2018, Samsung provided this screen to the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer OPPO for the previously released Find X smartphone, which was also the first time Samsung had exported such a panel to a Chinese brand mobile phone factory.

In addition to Chinese companies, Samsung also hopes to continue to win Apple's favor. As Apple's annual handset shipments reached 200 million, it was a big buyer in the market. However, Apple has always used an independent TSP touch panel. Currently Samsung did not comment on this news.