OLED Mass Production / LCD Expansion Drive BOE's Future Performance Growth Can Be Expected

- Oct 29, 2018-

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On January 26, BOE released the “2017 Performance Forecast”, which stated that the company expects net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies to reach 7.5 billion-7.8 billion yuan in 2017, a year-on-year increase of 298-314%. In 2016, the company achieved a net profit of 1.838 billion yuan.

In 2017, BOE further promoted the strategic transformation and upgrading, firmly implemented the DSH business strategy, continued to promote the display product structure optimization, and quickly deployed new business areas. With the improvement of core technology innovation capabilities, the market share of traditional products continues to maintain a high level, and the results of new application market segment expansion are significant.

In addition, BOE continued to strengthen lean management, increase the speed of introduction of high value-added products and the proportion of shipments, and the company's overall profitability remained stable at a relatively high level. In addition, the semiconductor display industry in 2017 has a good business climate, and the company's operating results have increased significantly compared with the same period of last year.

Large-size LCD capacity expanded rapidly, and TV panel shipments rose to the second place in the world

In 2017, TV panel shipments climbed quarter by quarter. Due to high prices, holiday sales momentum weakened, but shipments rebounded due to the gradual decline in prices and panel makers' sales at the end of the year. It is worth mentioning that in the second half of the year, BOE’s new capacity in the 8.5-generation factory in Fuqing and the 8.6-generation factory in HKC Chongqing has been focused on medium-sized TV panels (43吋 and 32吋), driving global LCD TV panel shipments to exceed expectations last year. It reached nearly 264 million pieces, an increase of 1.3% over 2016.

In 2017, BOE TV panel shipments reached 43.81 million units, a slight increase of 0.4%. However, the Samsung Display L7-1 shut-off factory and the Fuqing 8.5-generation line capacity were successfully released in the second quarter of last year, driving the 43-inch shipments to grow at an annual rate of 247.6%, making the BOE shipment ranking climb again, the second time for the first time. The high position of the name.

BOE's 2017 bumper harvest OLED mass production / LCD expansion drive future growth

With the launch of Hefei's 10.5-generation line, BOE has been at the forefront of global panel makers in terms of technology, R&D, yield and mass production capabilities of the high-generation line. It is understood that Hefei BOE's 10.5-generation TFT-LCD production line has a total investment of 45.8 billion yuan, mainly producing 65-inch and 8K ultra-high resolution LCD screens, with a design capacity of 120,000 glass substrates per month (3370mm × 2940mm). The automation and intelligent level of the overall equipment of the production line and the core process technology adopted have reached the highest level in the industry. After the production, the “Hefei” large-size ultra-high-definition liquid crystal display will lead the world.

At present, BOE has four large-size 8.5-generation lines. The new Hefei 10.5-generation line has been put into operation in December 2017. At the same time, the company has decided to build another 10.5-generation line in Wuhan to further consolidate the company's dominant position in the large-size LCD field. . At present, the resolution of the panel continues to increase. The popularity of 2K and the emergence of 4K and 8K have made panel manufacturers quickly follow up on manufacturing processes and patents. BOE's long-term deep cultivation and technology accumulation in the LCD field has enabled the company to successfully mass-produce high-end products such as 55-inch UHD and 65-inch 8K. The value and profit margin have increased significantly. In the short term, there will be a World Cup in the summer of 2018. According to past experience, the holding of large-scale sports events will usually stimulate the sales of TVs that year. As the second-largest TV panel manufacturer in the world, the company is expected to benefit from terminal stocking in the second quarter of 2018, which will lead to further growth in performance.

OLED layout is getting more and more effective, and the new engine is coming soon.

With the adoption of OLED screens by Apple's new IphoneX, the industry trend is further clarified, and the unique advantages of flexible OLED screens in comprehensive screen design will further contribute to the outbreak of OLED demand. Domestic enterprises in the OLED field card position is far superior to the LCD era, in the POP demand continues to grow rapidly, the profit cycle is expected to be significantly shortened. BOE has established its leading position with many years of advantages such as technical accumulation, key equipment support and mass production progress.

On October 26, 2017, the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line of BOE Chengdu was mass-produced. The production line is mainly used in display products in the fields of mobile terminal products and new wearable smart devices. At present, BOE has provided mass production screens for reference and use to more than ten customers including Huawei, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE and Nubia. The successful mass production of the production line not only opened up a new era of flexible display, but also indicates that Chinese companies have begun to lead the global AMOLED industry development in the new display era.

BOE's 2017 bumper harvest OLED mass production / LCD expansion drive future growth

In addition to Chengdu's 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line, Mianyang's 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line has also started construction. With the launch of these two flexible AMOLED production lines, BOE A has the ability to provide high-quality flexible AMOELD screens for global brand manufacturers in the future. According to Liu Xiaodong, the company's flexible product planning will gradually be promoted from Edge mobile phones to full-screen borderless mobile phones, folding PAD, and folding NB.

CLSA financial analysts believe that BOE accelerates mass production of OLEDs. It is expected that BOE will ship 19 million smart phone OLED screens in 2018 and 41 million in 2019. CLSA also said that China's major smartphone makers will launch their first smartphones using BOE's flexible OLED screens in February or March 2018. It would not be surprising if BOE announced a new OLED production line plan in the first half of 2018.

Although BOE is not the first panel manufacturer to develop AMOLED technology in China, it is currently in a favorable position due to its huge investment in recent years. By 2021, BOE's small and medium-sized AMOLED panel production capacity is expected to exceed LG Display, becoming the world's second largest supplier.