OLED Heavy Application Gradually Listed

- Mar 19, 2018-


                According to media news today, the world’s first variant super notebook equipped with OLED screen Lenovo ThinkPad X1Yoga has recently been officially launched in the country, the lowest price of 1,999 yuan. In addition, the world’s largest and most advanced OLED TV (LGOLED77G6P) is also on the official website with a price of US$1,999 (equivalent to RMB 133,300). All indications are that the OLED industry is accelerating into the outbreak period.

                It is worth noting that Apple is also expected to use OLED screens on the updated iPhone in 2017, and plans to use this screen on iPads and MacBooks. It is reported that Samsung has already obtained the exclusive supply right of the iPhone OLED screen in 2017 and intends to provide a large number of OLED screens to the PC market.

Since Apple's use of OLED panels in the iPhone series is almost a foregone conclusion, this has led to the upsurge of global panel makers and mobile phone brands competing for investment in small and medium sized OLED panels. Statistics from related institutions show that the application of OLED in small and medium-sized areas has seen rapid growth. Authoritative organizations expect that the OLED market will double in 2017, and the large-size OLED screen market with TV as the core will be fully launched in 2018. The next 10 years OLED is expected to account for 30% to 40% of the total display market.

                Bohai Securities Research Report believes that the OLED industry chain is ushering in investment opportunities and the entire industry chain is expected to develop rapidly. Market participants also believe that from the perspective of development space, on the one hand, LCD itself has a market space of 100 billion U.S. dollars, OLED replaces LCD's stock market space is large enough; on the other hand, virtual reality (VR), wearable devices, etc. It also provides continuous incremental space for OLEDs. The recent A-share transaction continued to slump, but the active market hot spot in the early stage was in the upward trend. OLED as a relatively high-recognition industry, the relevant investment target has already had a certain margin of safety with the market correction, and the concept stock is expected to make a comeback.

               Xiangyang Huicheng (300481) is an early supplier of scarce OLED intermediate materials. It successfully developed lanthanoid derivatives of OLED functional materials and formed industrial production in 2011. Currently, the company's guanidine derivatives have been produced. And it is growing rapidly. Yongtai Science and Technology (002326) and China Star Optoelectronics are actively developing the technology of CF color resistance for OLED and TFT-LCD. China Star Optoelectronics is planning to invest heavily in the oled display industry. Zhongying Electronics (300327) AMOLED display screen driver chip R & D investment has been for many years, is already a leading technology in the country, is the only domestic manufacturer of AMOLED screen driver chip.