New Anisotropic Conductive Film For Ultra-fine Pitch Display Device Components

- Nov 22, 2018-

With the development of the industry, high-resolution display devices are increasingly demanding ultra-fine pitch components. Therefore, display-driven interconnect technology has become a major challenge for display electronic device upgrades.


In view of this, the new thermoplastic polymer layer anchoring structure developed by the researchers has taken another big step toward displays with ultra-fine resolution.


This novel structure can greatly improve the interconnection of ultrafine pitch by effectively suppressing the movement of the conductive particles. The film can be used in device applications such as mobile devices, large OLED panels and VR. At the same time, the new thin film structure can significantly improve the capture rate of conductive particles and solve the short circuit problem of electrical equipment during ultra-fine pitch assembly.


During the ultra-fine pitch bonding process, conductive particles of conventional ACF will accumulate between the bumps and cause short circuits in the electrical equipment. In order to solve the problem of electrical shortage caused by the free movement of the conductive particles, the researchers introduced an anchor polymer layer doped with conductive particles and having a higher tensile strength into the ACF to effectively prevent the movement of the conductive particles.


Among them, the research team used nylon to make this single-layer film with uniformly distributed conductive particles. The higher tensile strength of nylon completely inhibits the movement of conductive particles, increasing the capture rate of conductive particles from 33% of conventional ACF to 90% today. It turns out that the nylon film does not have a short circuit during the Chip on Glass assembly process. In addition, the research team also achieved excellent conductivity, high reliability and low cost ACF in ultra-fine pitch applications. As the research progresses, it is believed that its application will become wider and wider.