Nanoco And Plessey Reduce 87% Of Full Color MicroLED Pixels By Quantum Dots

- Jan 04, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, Plessey Semiconductors and Nanoco Technologies have announced a collaboration to reduce the pixel size of monolithic microLED displays using Nanoco's cadmium-free quantum dot (CFQD) semiconductor nanoparticle technology.


Using its existing monolithic process, Plessey integrates Nanoco's CFQD quantum dots into selected areas of the blue LED wafer to add red and green light. This will reduce the minimum actual pixel size from the current 30μm to only 4μm, a reduction of 87%. The process will enable smaller, higher resolution microLED displays for applications such as AR/VR devices, watches and mobile devices, while enhancing color rendering and energy efficiency.


For pixels of 30 μm or larger, color conversion is currently mainly performed by adding a phosphor to the blue die. However, since the smallest phosphor particles are about 30 μm, as the pixel size is reduced, the color conversion efficiency is also lowered. But Nanoco's CFQD quantum dot technology overcomes this limitation while providing an efficient and compact device package.


Mike Lee, president of Plessey Enterprise and Business Development, said: "Quantum dots provide the best solution for today's emerging displays. Nanoscale emitters with narrowband emissions make it a suitable solution for Plessey's microLED display roadmap, 2019 The pixel size will drop to 4μm."


Dr. Brian Gally, Head of Nanoco Products, said: "We are pleased to partner with Plessey, a leading global developer and manufacturer of microLED arrays. Plessey's combination of blue microLEDs and Nanoco's red and green cadmium-free quantum dots for display customers The performance required for fast commercial products."


Compared to all other display technologies, microLEDs are brighter, smaller, lighter, more energy efficient, and have a longer life. In applications such as AR/VR glasses or head-up displays that replace OLEDs, Plessey microLEDs offer ten times the resolution, 100 times contrast and up to 1,000 times the brightness. And they consume only half the power, and the battery life of portable devices has doubled. They also have perfect black, realistic colors and do not age or decay over time.