Mini RGB LED Displays Still Face Many Technical Challenges

- Oct 22, 2018-

Although the Mini RGB LED fine-pitch display has been put into commercial use, there are still some technical problems such as huge transfer of chips, precise positioning, yield and maintenance.


According to relevant data, from a technical point of view, RGB fine-pitch displays are more difficult to produce than backlight applications using Mini LEDs.


Fine-pitch displays require a combination of 5mil*9mil red, green, and blue Mini LED chips with a base yield of 99.99%. For backlight applications, only a single-size Mini LED chip with a larger size is used. Most of them are blue light and the basic yield required is lower.


One of the main difficulties is the huge shift of the Mini LED chip, a process that is not yet mature, which makes it difficult to accurately place the chip in the right place. At the same time, the repair of defects takes a long time.


In addition, the RGB Mini LED fine-pitch display is currently very expensive, such as Samsung Electronics' 146-inch product, which sells for as much as $300,000.