Mini RGB LED Display Market Grows Strongly

- Oct 17, 2018-

It is reported that since the Mini LED application is different from the general LED display products and can provide better image quality, the Mini RGB LED technology is currently considered as the next generation display technology.


The Mini LED-backlit display delivers finer images and can be viewed over short distances with higher contrast and color saturation.


For upstream chip manufacturers, because the Mini LED backlight products use more chips than ordinary backlight products, the increasing popularity of Mini LED technology will help the production capacity of these manufacturers.


As for downstream systems, manufacturers in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, including Sony and Samsung Electronics, have begun to use Mini LED backlights in mass production to launch products for high-end custom segments.


According to the relevant data, the pitch of the Mini LED pixels has generally dropped below 1mm (P1.0). The smallest pixel pitch to date has reached P0.75 and is expected to be further reduced to P0.4-0.5 by 2019.


In the indoor corporate lighting market, Mini RGB LED displays can fully compete with LCD displays. However, because the Mini LED display needs to consume more power and has higher production costs, these products are currently limited to the high-end market and it is difficult to enter the home market.