Millet MIX 3 Renderings Exposure: Screen Ratio Increase

- Aug 23, 2018-

According to the usual practice, Xiaomi will release the MIX 3 mobile phone in the second half of this year. The IT home has reported many times about this mobile phone. The most obvious one is that the camera below disappears and becomes a pop-up camera.


A few days ago, Twitter broke the news @Ben Geskin made a set of MIX 3 renderings based on the leaked information and pictures.


The change of MIX 3 on the back is not big, the rear dual camera position is centered, the bottom is flash, the front change of MIX 3 is the biggest, because the front camera is changed to pop-up, so the chin is further narrowed, the overall screen ratio Can be greatly improved.


In addition, there is another advantage to the pop-up camera - you don't have to turn your phone upside down when you take a selfie.


There aren't many official news about MIX 3, but IT House Xiaobian seems that Xiaomi is making a big move at this moment, maybe it will cost a lot of design on MIX 3. After all, this year's OPPO and vivo are too strong. And Meizu 16 also officially returned to the first line configuration.


Simply relying on the price reduction of Xiaomi 8 and MIX 2S can not solve the fundamental problem, the most important thing is to speak with the new machine.