Millet 8 Review: How Does This Cross-time Flagship Perform?

- Jun 01, 2018-

After surpassing the "winter" of 2016, Xiaomi returned to the trend in 2017. Looking back at the resumption of the plate, Xiaomi will unveil six products including Xiaomi 5C, Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi Max2, Xiaomi MIX2, Xiaomi Note3 and Xiaomi 5X. It is not difficult to see that Xiaomi is becoming more “pragmatic” than Xiaomi just a few years ago. In addition to MIX2's continued expansion of Internet technology, the other five products are performing steadily: there are no particularly prominent highlights, but there are no obvious shortcomings. Even Xiaomi Note3 also gave up its flagship status in the past two years and turned itself into a full-scale "offline machine."

It was this change that made Xiaomi rise against the trend as the entire mobile phone market continued to shrink, sweeping away the haze of 2017 and pulling itself back from the edge of the cliff. When the time came to 18 years, when everyone was waiting for a new generation of digital flagships, Xiaomi used the name of “the 8th anniversary of its founding” to cross Xiaomi 7, and launched Xiaomi 8 directly. What exactly is the flagship of this "crossing time"? Let's look at the evaluation.

Apply a very popular saying: Xiaomi 8 uses the most popular "Liu Haiping".

Although the Internet is still controversial about the "Liu Haiping" beauty and ugliness, but it is undeniable that from the iPhone X released to the most part of the year, all kinds of "Liu Haiping" flagship has already affected everyone's aesthetic costs in the subtle Drop to a higher threshold. Therefore, for Xiaomi 8, Liu Haiping is no exception.

6.21 inch 18.7:9 Samsung AMOLED screen, model ea8074, resolution of 2248 * 1080P, maximum brightness of 600Nits, and P20 Pro peak brightness is quite, for an AMOLED screen is a good performance. Of course, this is the first time that Xiaomi's flagship has used the Samsung AMOLED screen (think of the Xiaomi Note2 that was destroyed on a LG PMOLED).

The millet 8 screen defaults to the DIC-P3 color gamut, and no other color gamut options are given in the system. Only when the smart environment adapts, the color temperature of the screen can be adjusted. In the screen enhancement and standard mode, only the default color temperature can be used. In addition, compared to the millet MIX2s, Xiaomi 8 AMOLED screen has a slight improvement in the smear problem.