Millet 8 Conference New Super Many Lei Jun: PPT 446 Pages, 2 Hours Can Not Finish

- May 31, 2018-

On the morning of May 31st, at 2:00 pm, Xiaomi's new product launch event was held and was moved to Shenzhen for the first time.

The biggest attraction of this conference is Xiaomi 8, and the government has constantly emphasized its position of surpassing (7) waiting for (generation) and 8 years of fighting masterpieces.

However, the surprise is more than one.

In addition to the confirmed millet bracelet 3 and MIUI 10, at noon today, two hours before the conference, Lei Jun emphasized that “the new products released this time are particularly large. The number of PPT pages at the conference is up to 446 pages, and it is estimated that it takes more than 2 hours. Everyone is ready in advance!"

According to the information currently available, it is expected that Xiaomi 8 will have two versions: one for small ones and one for small ones. In addition, every time Xiaomi’s new flagship is released in recent years, there will be an exploration version. This time, you can also look forward to the next.

There is also a mobile phone that is expected to debut on the Red Rice 6, which is also designed by Liu Haiping.

In addition to mobile phones, judging from traces of preheating, Xiaomi VR and TV have prepared surprises. It seems that Xiaomi is really fighting this time.