LGD: Foldable Display Is Ready For Commercial Use

- May 21, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, LG Display Corporation (LGD) Chief Technology Officer Kang In-byoung said recently: "LGD developed folding display technology is ready for commercial use, depending on whether the equipment manufacturer adopts this technology."


At the recent global display industry event, SID Display Week 2019, LGD said the 13.3-inch inward folding display was enough to show that the folding technology is ready.


In conjunction with LGD, Chinese PC manufacturer Lenovo released the world's first foldable laptop at the event. When folded, half of the notebook display is used as a virtual keyboard and the other half is used as a screen. The foldable laptop is expected to be available in 2020.


Kang In-byoung said: "Foldable smartphones require more advanced technology than foldable laptops or tablets. Despite technical challenges, the market for foldable devices may become mainstream, depending on equipment manufacturing. Business."


The Korean technology giant demonstrated its technical strength at the event, including a 0.66-inch augmented reality panel with a pixel density of 3,500 pixels per inch; its goal is to continue to strengthen its leading position in the large-size OLED display market, and is expected to This year's transparent panel based on the so-called top-illumination design will help to increase the life and efficiency of the panel. The top illuminating design is more efficient than the bottom illuminating design due to fewer films between the OLED layer and the top screen layer.


The bottom-emitting design traditionally used for LGD OLED products has been a key technical challenge for 8K OLED displays for a long time.


Kang In-byoung said that in an effort to increase production at the 8.5-generation OLED plant in Guangzhou, China, the company will invest in 10.5 OLED technology as planned.