LG/Samsung/Huawei Secretly Prepared: Folding Screen Phones Will Be Released Next Year

- Nov 01, 2018-

After the comprehensive screen design, what kind of design will the mobile phone manufacturers pursue next? From the current dynamics of the industry chain preparation, the mobile phone with the true folding screen will be the main choice for the next seven mobile phones.


In fact, the folding screen phone has always existed before, but the experience is not good, because only the two screens are fixed together by the rotating shaft, the experience has a certain sense of splitting, and the current solution is to take advantage of the flexibility of the OLED screen, this experience is undoubtedly more it is good.


From the inside story revealed by the big news @evleaks, LG plans to launch a foldable mobile phone in its 2019 CES keynote speech. In fact, as early as January of this year, LG has obtained multiple patent licenses from Microsoft, including a new foldable display for smartphones and tablets.


In addition to LG, Samsung has also made it clear that it will take out the folding screen mobile phone next year, and Huawei also said that it will launch such a new mobile phone in the first time.


Previously, LG patented that their folding screen solution is the same as flipping the book, that is, the two screens are folded in half, and the combination of two is one after the other with a normal mobile phone screen.

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