LG Electronics Will Launch 8K TV And Rollable TV In The Second Half Of The Year

- May 16, 2019-

According to foreign media reports, LG Electronics recently announced that it will launch its 8K OLED TV and rollable TV in the second half of this year, and enter the high-end TV market through its better display performance and new exterior design.


Previously, LG Electronics introduced three sizes of 4K OLED products - 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch, ranging in price from 2.7 million ($2,270) to 18 million won.


LG Electronics said that an upcoming 88-inch 8K OLED TV will have four times the pixels of a 4K TV and a 65-inch rollable OLED TV with 4K resolution to meet a variety of consumer needs. And this curlable TV can control the appearance and disappearance of the TV on the base by clicking on the remote control, and disappears without needing to.


The main competitor of this 8K OLED TV will be Samsung's 8K QLED (Quantum Point LED) TV with a maximum screen size of 98 inches. LG claims that this OLED TV is very suitable for the 8K TV market because of its vivid color contrast and flexibility in exterior design.


JS Lee, vice president of LG Electronics' Home Entertainment Division, said: "When the TV market moves from 4K to 8K, the demand for OLED TVs will further increase. OLEDs can be perfectly black with better contrast. In addition, due to OLED It can be illuminated without a backlit panel, so it has more room to change shape, such as ultra-thin or curlable shape."


LG Electronics said that due to the industry's growing demand for high-end products, OLED TV sales will increase by 3.6 million units this year and 10 million units in 2021. At the same time, since its debut in March 2013, its cumulative sales of OLED TVs has exceeded 4 million units; and it will continue to increase its efforts to accelerate the transition from traditional LCDs to OLED products.


According to market research firm IHS Markit, the share of OLED TVs in the global TV market will grow from 5.7% in 2018 to 10.4% in 2023.