LCD Panel Market: China's TFT-LCD To Reverse The Decline In Monitor Panel Price Rebound

- Jun 07, 2018-


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                      It is reported that the current price of LCD panels has rebounded. After experiencing continuous decline for half a year, LCD panel prices began to rebound at the end of July. According to the international market research company Displaysearch data, the global LCD panel prices began to rebound from August. In August, the price of 17-inch LCD panels rose from US$105 in July to US$112, which was a 6.6% increase. The price of the same type of display panel fell from US$140 in March to US$105 in July. At the same time, the prices of 15-inch and 19-inch LCD panels also rebounded in different magnitudes. According to consulting firm WitsView in early August, the price of 17-inch LCD panels rose from US$104 in late July to US$110, or 5.8%. Analysts believe that this price rebound will continue throughout the third quarter; the third quarter due to the United States back to the school wave of sales stimulation, and the first half of the inventory of manufacturers to digest and other factors, the LCD display will appear seasonal growth. It is understood that Dell and Hewlett-Packard computer makers began to issue display orders in the third quarter, and display makers Samsung Electronics and TPV will increase production volume in the third quarter. It is expected that the two production increases will be 25% and 18% respectively.

It seems that due to the increase in market demand, the production capacity of the display panel production line has been released. According to domestic TFT-LCD panel makers BOE and SVA, the two production schedules have been scheduled for September, production capacity may reach the full production target by the end of the year, BOE will reach 85,000 glass substrates per month (the design capacity is 90,000 tablets). Previously, panel makers have been trapped by falling prices, and BOE, SVA, and even international panel giant LG.Philips have suffered losses. According to industry analysts, if the price rebound can continue into the fourth quarter, BOE, SVA and other panel makers will use price rebound to reverse the trend. The

It is understood that BOE’s financial report for the first quarter shows that the company’s main business income was 2.404 billion yuan, with a loss of 490 million yuan. BOE attributed the loss to the decline in the prices of TFT-LCD products for 17-inch displays produced by the Beijing TFT-LCD fifth-generation production line of its Beijing BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. subsidiary. BOE has issued a preliminary loss announcement in April. In the first quarter of 2006, the company was affected by the low season of TFT-LCD business operation. Large operating losses have already occurred, and the TFT-LCD market price continues to decline so far. Therefore, it is expected that the first half of 2006. There will still be operating losses. LG.Philips, the world's largest LCD manufacturer, announced in July that it had suffered losses of 322 billion won (3.4 billion US dollars) in the second quarter of this year, and 41.1 billion won in the same period last year. LG Philips attributed the loss to intense price competition and the market demand did not meet expectations.