LCD Monitors Continue To Meet User Needs

- May 30, 2018-


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The demand for monitors in security configuration is very large. With the maturity of LCD technology and the continuous decline in costs, LCD monitors have also become increasingly popular. The demand for LCD monitors from users is getting higher and higher. The competition, LCD monitors will inevitably turn to the road of intelligent high-definition, and continue to innovate to prompt its performance, in order to keep up with the development trend of the security monitoring market, to meet the user's increasingly high demand for security monitoring equipment.

    Video frame interpolation frequency multiplication technology, video processing, intelligent computing technology, IPS hard-screen display full-view technology, and even Android technology, will all be reflected in the square inch. In the future, multi-functional and multi-element will become the development direction of monitoring and display equipment, and market demand will also be diversified and segmented. HD and smart are the development direction of the entire video surveillance system in the future. For the rear-end display devices, the technology development trend of LCD monitors is: low power consumption, environmental protection, energy saving, ultra-thin, high contrast, multi-functionality, low cost, and no flicker. Full HD display, smooth screen, wide viewing angle.

    Different users have different needs. In the current high-definition video display devices, whether it is LCD, LED or HD-SDI, whether it is LCD splicing, DLP splicing, or PDP splicing, there is a clear distinction between the market, the price is also obvious segmentation. It is expected that LCD monitors will occupy more than 90% of the entire video surveillance display market in the next three years.

    Ultra-narrow edge display will continue to be the most popular product in the large-screen splicing market. With the promotion of ultra-narrow edge displays, the market demand for large-screen splicing display devices will continue to expand. It is expected that the ultra-narrow edge LCD splicing market will be compounded in the next five years. The growth rate will remain at around 24%.

    The large-size LCD monitors and LCD panel splicing that are currently being launched can support full-HD displays, which will greatly promote the development of the entire video surveillance industry in the era of Full HD.