LCD Module Use Note

- Jul 20, 2018-


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The liquid crystal module is simply a screen + backlight board + PCB board + iron frame, which is a component that assembles the liquid crystal device with the control, the driving circuit and the circuit board PCB. The module is mainly divided into screen and backlight components. The two parts are assembled together, but they are independent of each other (ie, the circuit is not relevant). He can connect directly to the computer. When using this module, in addition to the precautions when using general liquid crystal display devices, pay attention to the following items during assembly and use:

    Handle the protective film. There is a protective film on the surface of the finished module finished liquid crystal display device to prevent contamination of the surface during assembly. Do not remove it before the end of the assembly to avoid soiling or staining the display surface.

    Add padding. It is preferable to add a pad of about 0.1 mm between the module and the front panel. The panel should also remain absolutely flat. One guarantees no distortion force after assembly. And improve seismic performance.

    Strictly prevent static electricity. The control and driving circuit in the liquid crystal display module is a low-voltage, micro-power CMOS circuit, which is easily broken down by static electricity, and the human body sometimes generates high-voltage static electricity of up to several volts or hundreds of volts, so it is operated, assembled, and Be careful when using it to prevent static electricity.

    The modules are carefully designed and assembled. Do not process and trim them.

When the welding module is externally connected, the interface temperature is less than 280 °C; the welding time is less than 3-4S; the welding material is eutectic, low melting point; do not use acid flux; repeat welding should not exceed 3 times, and each repetition requires interval 5 minutes.

    The use of the module. When the power is turned on and the power is turned off, it must be performed according to the timing of the figure.

    The storage of the module. For long-term storage (such as several years), it should be packed in a polyethylene pocket (preferably with anti-static coating) and sealed at the mouth; stored between -10-+35 °C; placed in the dark, avoiding Strong light; never put any objects on the surface; strictly avoid storage under extreme temperature/humidity conditions, must be stored under special conditions, or at 40 ° C, 85% RH, or 60 ° C, less than 60% RH Store, but should not exceed 168 hours.