LCD Module Driver

- May 24, 2018-


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                           1, LCD LCD module driver Overview: LCD module driver debugging is a very important part of the entire mobile phone R & D process, in the early stages of each new model development, the first to debug the LCD module LCD driver, we Commonly known as "point screen." The debugging of "dot screen" includes two parts, one is to light the backlight of the LCD, and the other is to debug the LCD display. Backlight driver debugging methods and techniques will be described in the backlight documentation.

2. Principle of LCD LCD Module Concept: LCD: Full name is Liquid Crystal Display Liquid crystal display screen LCM: Full name is Liquid Crystal Module refers to the liquid crystal display module, including LCD and LCD peripheral FPC circuit and structure.

3. LCD FPC circuit: Refers to the liquid crystal peripheral circuit in the LCM module. This part of the circuit is designed by the LCD module manufacturer according to the interface requirements of the LCD. In the LCD drive debugging, see the FPC circuit diagram is also a very important part.

4LCD peripheral circuit: We usually also referred to as the LCD circuit, refers to the LCD interface circuit part of the baseband, this part of the circuit is designed by us. LCD module manufacturers: Refers to Truly, Tianma, and BOE manufacturers. They will make LCDs into LCM modules that can be used in our production.