LCD Liquid Crystal Module Pre-process Process

- Jun 28, 2018-


LCD screen process parameters:

One, pre-PR cleaning:

1. Cleaning solution: DLC-201 ratio = 1:30 (volume ratio)

2. Transmission speed V=2200-2600MM/MIN


4. Hair brush segment P1<0.6pa P2<0.5Pa Two-fluid P1<3.0 P2<0.8Pa

Second, glue

1. Photosensitive adhesive: RIJ-390PG Viscosity: 30±1S

2 thinner: RZR-2100

3. Rubber wheel spacing

Third, exposure

1. Flat Exposure Time: 15S Flash Exposure Time: 5S.

Fourth, development

1. The developer tank adds 390 (scale) liter of DI water each time, 96% NaOH 1.5KG alkali solution, the ratio of the developer added at low water level DI water: NaOH = 130:0.5 (mass ratio, DI water is 1KG/L) Only use every shift on duty.

2. Spray water pressure, water flow setting: upper spray pressure 1.0KG spray pressure 0.8KG inflow 12+2L

3. Concentration: 0.11±0.03mol/L

Five, hard film

1. Oven temperature: 120 degrees 25min

Six, etching

1. Acid concentration: 6.4±0.4mol/L

2. Theoretical ratio (37% hydrochloric acid: water: 68% nitric acid) = 1:1:0.03; actual reference ratio (37% hydrochloric acid: water: 68% nitric acid) = 5 barrels: 100L: 3 bottles

3.C1.C2.C3. The cylinder surface is 220 liters

Seven, remove film

1. Alkaline concentration: 0.9±0.1 mol/L

2. Alkaline solution: DI = 1:28; that is, DI water scale line 300L for alkali cylinder, add alkali 10.8KG,

3. Etching temperature: set 47°C, measured 47±2°C; stripping temperature: set 50°C, measured 47±2°C.

Eight, painted PI

1.PI: KPI-300B ratio: 1:1.3 (volume ratio)

2. No.1 machine: Rubber press down pressure: Left and right: 2.8MM

3. Width No.1 Machine: 10.5±1MM No.2 Machine: 11±1MM

Nine, PI curing

1. Curing time: 270°C/2H

Ten, friction

1. Platen advance speed: TN/HTN: 1000±100cm/min; platen exit speed: 2600±100 cm/min

2. Humidity: 65±10%

3.. Wheel speed: 1000±10rpm/min, TN/HTN: Board speed 1000±10mm/S

Eleven, silk screen

  1. Screen printing machine (Youdi)


LCD liquid crystal module

Twelve, dusting

1. The proportion of powder preparation Water powder: Isopropanol=1(g): 120(ml)

Thirteen, fit

1. Accuracy 0.05MM

14, hot pressing

1. Cold pressure: 0.09MPa/15 seconds

2. Hot pressure: 0.09MPa/90MIN/180±5°C (setting)

3. Hot pressing 20 pairs