LCD FFC Cable How To Weld And Welding Program

- Jun 26, 2018-


FFC cable is also called flexible flat cable, which can choose the number of wires and spacing arbitrarily, which makes the connection more convenient, greatly reduces the volume of electronic products, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency. It is most suitable for moving parts and motherboards, PCB The board is used for data transmission cables between PCB boards and miniaturized electrical equipment. The common specifications are 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.25mm, 1.27mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.54mm and other pitch flexible cables. This article mainly introduces how fpc cable welding and welding program, follow the small series specifically to find out.

FPC cable welding scheme

First, pulse welding machine (solder) JYPC-3A

脉冲焊接机(锡焊) JYPC-3A 际元设备

Pulse Welding Machine (Soldering) JYPC-3A Equipment

The main function of this machine: It is used to weld FPC, FFC and various soft cables, as well as various terminal cables. This machine is a rotary welding machine, which can be used for two fixtures at the same time. It can save half the time and improve work efficiency.

The output of this machine is stable and adjustable. It is composed of SMC pneumatic components. It is precisely adjusted and the pressure is displayed digitally. The temperature and time parameters are all input from the operation panel. The temperature setting range is 0-500 degrees and the time setting range is 0-99 seconds. This is the three major factors for welding a product.

Accessories: Composed of CCD alignment systems, fixtures, and welding heads. These accessories need to be purchased separately.

Second, the product welding schematic

LCD liquid crystal module welding schematic


Welding hot head (heating device)

A, welding advantages:

The welding efficiency is high and the welding efficiency is high. According to the size of the product, it is also possible to weld several at the same time, and each welding time is 3 to 5 seconds.

B, welding precautions:

The pad needs to add enough tin, and the amount of tin does not have to be too thick. Generally, the window-type FPC tin quantity is about 0.1 thick tin quantity, and the window-type FPC tin quantity is 0.2-0 3 thick tin quantity. If there is of course the final effect between the first two with the FPC with holes, but also according to the scene to adjust.

C, welding process:


1, the first step: Put the product to the fixture, while good position.

2, the second step: Press both hands to press, start the welding

3rd, 3rd step: The turntable, rotates to the welding position, waits for the indenter to press down.

4, the fourth step: the welding head under pressure, start pressing hair heat.

5. Step 5: Wait for the welding to finish and return to the first step.

Third, the welding process operation


LCD circuit board welding process


● For FPC soldering, first the FPC pad must face the PCB pad so that it can be hard-wired; a small amount of tin should be included on the pad spot for subsequent soldering. If the amount of tin is insufficient, it will lead to poor welding: When the amount of tin is too much, it may lead to overflow of tin, making the welding spot unsightly, and controlling the tin amount of the pad is the first point of the welding process.

● If you can do the hole process on the FPC pad, so that the subsequent welding is better and easier to weld. The fixture penetrates into the product and flattens the weld surface. Rotation can weld both sides.

LCD liquid crystal module circuit board welding

Fourth, machine technical parameters


1, the temperature of the NC, clear precision

2, equipped with digital pressure switch, preset pressure range

3, pressure start timing, hot pressing time is more accurate

4. Unique material welding head to ensure that the product is under pressure 5, with vacuum function, easier to adjust the alignment

6, programmable curve including preheating and reflow temperature

7, Chinese interface input, easy to operate.

8, the noise is small, vibration is small.

9, suitable for a variety of high density TAB, TCP crimping and FPC, FFC

Soldered with FCB solder