LCD Display Panel Price Decline Will End

- Jan 18, 2020-

According to industry sources, as more and more flat panel manufacturers shift 6G-8.5G wafer fab capacity to TV application products whose prices have started to rise, the downward trend in LCD panel prices will soon end.

Sources said that in addition to the 23.6-inch display panel, the recent decline in the price of display panels below 23.8-inch has begun to slow, and the price of Open Cell models is almost flat.

According to data from Qunzhi Consulting, in March 2019, the price of 21.5-inch display LCM dropped by $ 0.50 to $ 40.70, and may fall by another $ 0.20 to $ 40.50 in April, meanwhile, 21.5-inch Open Cell models during this period Will remain at the $ 27 level.

In addition, in 2019, shipments of 23.8-inch display panels will exceed shipments of 21.5-inch display panels; in March 2019, quotations for 23.8-inch models fell by $ 0.50 to $ 52.50, and are expected to fall by another $ 0.40 in April. In April 2019, the price of 23.8-inch Open Cell models will remain at $ 37.30.

Due to the overall oversupply, the price of the 27-inch IPS FHD module will fall by another $ 0.70 to NT $ 77.70 in April 2019.

Due to weak demand, in April 2019, the downward trend in the price of laptop panels will also slow down, with the average price falling by 0.20-0.30 US dollars, narrowing from 0.30-0.40 US dollars last month.

As for TV panels, quotes for 32-inch to 43-inch panel sizes are expected to rise by an average of $ 1-2 in April this year, while prices for 49 / 50-inch to 55-inch panels will remain flat in April. After the 65-inch TV panel price fell by $ 4 a month ago, it will fall by $ 2 to $ 209 in April this year.