LCD And Backlight, Light Guide Plate Production Has Become Asian

- Sep 13, 2018-


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LED backlights are most attractive for high-efficiency side-emitting backlights. LEDs, as LCD backlight applications, have long life, high luminous efficiency, no interference, and high cost performance. They have been widely used in electronic watches, mobile phones, BP machines, and electronics. On the calculator and credit card machine, with the increasing miniaturization of portable electronic products, LED backlights have advantages, so backlight production technology will develop toward thinner, lower power consumption and uniformity. LED is a key component of mobile phones. A regular mobile phone or PHS requires about 10 LED devices, while a color screen and a camera-equipped mobile phone require about 20 LED devices. At this stage, the amount of backlight used in mobile phones is very large, and 3.5 billion LED chips are used every year. At present, China's mobile phone production is very large, and most of the LED backlights are still imported. For domestic LED products, this is an excellent market opportunity.

From the perspective of IT, LED backlight is an important year for development in 2010. LED backlights are based on mercury-free green environmental protection, regional dynamic control backlight, low carbon energy saving, ultra-thin streamline appearance, and high color reproduction. The advantages of display and so on have greatly promoted the pace of LED replacement for CCFL. Each backlight manufacturer and LED manufacturers reached a cooperation relationship, and jointly proposed a solution to combine with the latest technology of large-size light guide plates. Ultra-thin, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, high-quality LED backlights will surely become the next strong trend in backlight development.

However, LED backlight modules are not without drawbacks. The problem of power consumption is still an important issue that LED backlight modules must overcome. Due to the use of more LEDs, in addition to increasing power consumption, it also causes temperature rise. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the cooling system and the sensor to solve this problem, so it is thicker than the product using CCFL backlight. .

It is believed that in the next five years, China will become one of the major producers of LCD and LED backlights and light guides.