JOLED Starts Construction Of New Printed OLED Equipment Factory

- Apr 10, 2019-

Currently, JOLED produces printed OLED screens in Japan using a 4.5-generation production line. It is reported that the company is building a new 5.5-generation pre-printed OLED factory in Chiba to promote the use of printed OLED technology to manufacture displays.

With a total gross floor area of approximately 34,000 square meters, the plant will be operational by 2020, producing medium-sized (10 to 32-inch) printed OLED displays for use in automotive displays and high-end displays.

After the completion of the plant, the production capacity will reach approximately 220,000 OLED screens per month to supplement the production capacity of the Nomi base 5.5 production line.

JOLED did not disclose how much money they invested, but the company previously indicated that part of the funds raised through third-party allocations increased by 25.5 billion yen ($229,449 million).