JOLED Began To Build A New OLED Manufacturing Plant, Has It Missed A Good Time

- Apr 12, 2019-

Looking at the global OLED industry landscape, South Korea is undoubtedly a well-deserved leader. Samsung is focused on the market size of 10.5 inches and below. As for LG Display, the OLED panel market center is betting on the TV market or some large-scale commercial markets. leading position. In contrast, Japan's OLED industrialization was no longer a decade ago, and it was a rhythm abandoned by the times.

However, it is now reported that Japan's JOLED began construction of a new OLED manufacturing plant this week. It is understood that Japan's JOLED company is building a new 5.5-generation pre-printed OLED factory in Chiba to promote the use of printed OLED technology to manufacture displays.

According to relevant news reports, JOLED's newly built factory will have a total construction area of 34,000 square meters and will be put into operation in 2020 to produce medium-sized printed OLED displays for use in automotive displays and high-end displays. It is reported that after the completion of the plant, the production capacity will reach 220,000 OLED screens per month.

In fact, under the background of the upgrade of display technology, JOLED Japan started the OLED project of Nomi's 5.5th generation in Ishikawa Prefecture in 2018, and acquired the Nami City factory through JJ for 200 billion yen. , urgently chasing into the OLED industry.

That is to say, after the completion of JOLED Chiba's new printed OLED factory, it will complement the production capacity of the Nomi base 5.5 generation line. Then the question is coming. In this round of OLED industry competition, can the Japanese OLED industry really succeed in counterattack? Let's first take a look at the current status of the Japanese panel industry.

In fact, seriously speaking, JDI, which focuses on small and medium-sized LCD panels, should have taken on the responsibility of OLEDs, but JDI relies too much on the smartphone business and Apple. The reduction in orders for Apple LCD panels directly has a significant impact on JDI's performance. Nowadays, JDI is deeply mired in losses. Despite the recent news of accepting Chinese capital injections, it is undoubtedly self-sufficient.

Sharp firmly believes that LCD is still liquid crystal, OLED layout is very negative, it is precisely because of this, Japan's OLED industrialization responsibility falls on the shoulder of JOLED. From the current various signs, JOLED investment risk is not small, South Korea dominates, China is in a strong rise, Japan's OLED panel industry prospects are optimistic.