Jilin Research Institute And OLED Material Company Lumi Lan Opened In Ningbo High-tech Zone

- May 04, 2018-


A few days ago, the opening ceremony of Ningbo Institute of Intellectual and Innovative Materials and Ningbo Lumilan New Material Co., Ltd. was held in Yunsheng Science and Technology Industrial Park, Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (New Material Science & Technology City). Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huang Wei, Special Advisor to the National “Thousand Persons Program”, Director of the District Administrative Committee, Secretary of the Party’s Work Committee Huang Liqin, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee, Member of the Party’s Working Committee Yang Zhengping, and the State’s first batch of “Thousand Talents” experts Dr. Yan Yan, a candidate for the “Thousand Talents Program” in Zhejiang Province and Professor Chen Zhikuan of Nanjing University of Technology attended the ceremony.

Jilin Institute of Science and Technology Innovation Drives Productivity Development

It is understood that the Ningbo Institute of Intellectual and Innovative Materials was established by the High-tech Zone Management Committee and founded by Dr. Zhang Yan, the Chairman of Jizhi Science and Technology (300566), which integrates application research and development, public technology services, high-level talents introduction, and high-end project incubation. In one of the new technology industrial platform. The research institute has about 8,500 square meters of research and development and incubation sites. It has successfully invested and introduced Ningbo Lumilan New Material Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Jianrui New Materials Co., Ltd., and the Institute for Intellectual Research will continue to introduce high-end new materials projects for the introduction of The project provides open technology platforms and industrial resources.

Ningbo Lumilan New Material Co., Ltd. was established in February 2017, and Ningbo Chemical Terminal and Device Verification Platform was started in March 2017. In September 2017, Ningbo Yunyuansheng Factory Building was completed, with a registered capital of 18,313,800 yuan, of which the intellectual research The company holds 20% shares in Lumilan, 25.5% of the shares are held by Ningbo WoYe Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership), LP, including Qizhi Technology, Zhang Yan, and Ningbo High-tech Zone Investment Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Lumilan is a leading OLED material company in China. It is a professional OLED material supplier specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of new OLED materials, providing a complete set of materials, devices, panel services and solutions for domestic and foreign customers. The main direction is to develop an organic light-emitting material system that is highly efficient, stable, and cost-effective, and to develop new OLED lighting device structures and processes, focusing on improving the efficiency, lifespan, and color temperature control of lighting devices. The company's goal is to create first-rate display materials and enhance the human visual experience.

Professor Chen Zhikuan led the team to build an international standard for organic electronics industry

Lumi Lan Chairman Professor Chen Zhikuan graduated from Peking University in 1989 with a bachelor's degree in applied chemistry and received master's and doctoral degrees in organic chemistry from Peking University in 1992 and 1995. After 1995, he was engaged in various research work in Singapore. During the working period, the leading group mainly engaged in the design and synthesis of organic optoelectronic materials, the photoelectric properties of the materials and the characteristics of the thin films, the device characteristics of the materials, and the structure-activity relationship with the material structure. At the same time, they also explored device manufacturing processes, device physics, device integration, etc. Research. The research work of the team has distinctive features in the field of organic optoelectronics. In the field of OLEDs, he successfully developed the world's most efficient dark blue fluorescent material with an efficiency of >10%. Based on years of research in the field of OLEDs, Prof. Chen founded Hangzhou Lumilan Technology Co., Ltd. in 2014 and Ningbo Lumilan New Materials Co., Ltd. in 2016, aiming to build a world-leading organic electronics industry and support China's organic The semiconductor industry continues to develop in a healthy and rapid manner. The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Lumilan said that the company has entered the full-scale production stage this year.

Ningbo National High-tech Zone intensive cultivation of new materials industry

Huang Liqin said in his speech that Ningbo National High-tech Zone has always been adhering to the concept of innovation and development, and intensively cultivating new materials that are the most distinctive and powerful areas. The successful introduction of Ningbo Lumilan New Material Co., Ltd. will provide the “open technology platform + industrial resources” for the introduction of the company to help entrepreneurial teams and projects improve their anti-risk capabilities. At the same time, the Institute will also vigorously introduce high-level talent teams and scientific and technological innovation projects at home and abroad, focusing on common and key technologies in the field of optoelectronic display materials to carry out scientific and technological research and industrialization research, incubating and nurturing high-end new materials projects, and strive for five years. , To build a leading domestic demonstration base for innovative material R&D and industrialization, and to promote the innovation and development of new material industries.