JDI Car Panel Revenue Increased By 90% Within 5 Years

- Jul 11, 2018-

On July 6, JDI car panel executive cadre Holger Gerkens said that JDI plans to expand its automotive panel business revenue to 190 billion yen in 2022. JDI's automotive panel business revenue exceeded 100 billion yen for the first time in 2017, which means that JDI plans to significantly increase vehicle panel revenue by 90% in the next five years.

Due to the decrease in demand for smart machine panels, the 2017 consolidated revenue (April 2017-20 March) consolidated revenue decreased by 18.9% to 711.7 billion yen; the combined loss was 61.7 billion yen (2016) In order to make a profit of 18.5 billion yen), the consolidated net loss amounted to 247.2 billion yen, which fell into a loss for the fourth consecutive year and set a record for the largest loss in history. Therefore, JDI is eager to get rid of excessive dependence on smart machines.

According to the data, in 2017, the global market share of JDI vehicle panels reached 19%, and LG Display (LGD) ranked second with 14% market share.

Regarding the recent increase in competitors in the automotive panel market, Holger said that JDI has a technological lead, products that have been mass-produced and shipped, and other peers are still in the stage of sample shipment.