Japan's OLED TV Market Skyrocketed

- Nov 22, 2018-

In recent years, Japan has vigorously promoted high-definition television. To this end, various places have made great efforts to reduce prices and promote TV. The current price is 20% to 30% cheaper than the same period last year, and the market has been successfully developed.


On November 21, the Japan Electronic Information Technology Industry Association (JEITA) released statistics showing that in October 2018, Japan’s domestic ultra-thin TV shipments (including 4K TVs and OLED TVs) grew 11.5% to 326,000 units in the same month last year. It showed growth for the sixth consecutive month. Since the statistics of April 2018, the OLED TV has been added to the thin TV shipment data.


Among them, Japan's 4K TV shipments (excluding OLED TVs) in October was 156,000 units, a 29.2% increase over the same month last year, showing growth for the 17th consecutive month, accounting for 48.0% of the total ultra-thin TV shipments (2018). In September, 40.7% of the 4K TV shipments in Japan were 25.4 billion yen, accounting for 76.9% of the total ultra-thin TV (33 billion yen) (69.2% in September 2018).


In October, Japan's OLED TV shipments were 19,000 units, a 1.9-fold increase over the same month last year (an increase of 190.1%); in October, Japan's OLED TV shipments were 6.3 billion yen.


During the period from January to October 2018, Japan's ultra-thin TV shipments grew by 2.8% to 3.536 million units compared with the same period of last year; 4K TV shipments increased by 27.5% to 1.464 million units, and OLED TV shipments were 111,000 units. station.


Hon Hai's Sharp is the leading 4K TV in Japan, and the OLED TV market is dominated by Sony. The local channel industry BCN survey report pointed out that Sharp dominated Japan's 4K TV market in the first half of this year, with a market share of 31.5%; followed by Sony's 27.9% and Panasonic's 17.5%.