ITRI: Touch And LCD Integration Is The Trend Of The Times

- Mar 27, 2019-

Zhuang Zhengdao, senior project manager of ITRI, said that the merger of touch panel makers and LCD panel makers, strategic alliances, or virtual integration will be the trend in 2014, and it is also the way for touch factories to break through the predicament. Both capacity utilization and performance are positive.

The legal person believes that TPK used to be a high-priced stock. It is difficult to negotiate a merger with a panel manufacturer with a very large price difference. The recent TPK share price is 138 yuan per share, and the stock price has been oversold. The touch factory merges with the LCD panel factory. Strategic alliances, even the era of virtual mergers, will come.

Zhuang Zhengdao said that integration will be one of the trends in the touch industry in 2014. On the one hand, the touch IC and the driver IC are integrated on the same IC. In addition, the touch panel factory and the LCD panel factory are integrated, if it is substantially Mergers are not easy, virtual integration, and strategic alliances are also a way.

He believes that the touch panel is originally attached to the LCD panel and then shipped to the brand manufacturer. If the process can be reduced to the same manufacturer, the supply chain process can be reduced and the cost can be reduced.

In view of the current overcapacity of touch, virtual integration is not only a trend, but also an important means for Taiwan to survive.