Is The Price Of AMOLED Mobile Phone Panel Lower Than LCD In Two Years?

- Dec 18, 2018-

The yield of small and medium-sized mobile AMOLED panels continues to increase, and the price difference between LCD panels and LCD panels is reduced. According to Displaysearch data, AMOLED mobile phone panels are 10% to 20% higher than LCDs. With the improvement of yield, AMOLED mobile phone panels within two years. The cost is likely to be lower than the LCD panel.

The AMOLED display is self-illuminating and does not require a backlight module. The original market expects the production cost to be lower than that of the LCD, but the long-term yield is low, resulting in higher production cost than the LCD, but the AMOLED display has good color saturation and contrast. It is widely used in high-end smart phones, but the yield is improved, the cost is reduced, and the penetration rate of AMOLED displays in smart phones continues to increase.

At present, the price of a 5-inch AMOLED mobile phone panel is about 16% higher than the cost of an LCD panel of the same size of 1920X1080, but

If the AMOLED yield is increased to 90%, the cost of the two will be comparable, and the penetration rate of the small and medium-sized panels will increase and decrease.