Is The Full Screen Obsolete? Samsung Folding Phone Galaxy X Exposure Again

- Jun 15, 2018-

The current competition in the smart phone market has reached the level of brilliance, and everyone is making great efforts to attract eyeballs and compete for consumers!

For example, last year's hot full-screen design, each is in order to make a small screen of the screen share and border modeling under the foot enough effort, such as follow the iPhone X Liu Haiping ah, vivo NEX telescopic front camera ah, millet The series of borderless design ah, Samsung combined with its own characteristics of the curved screen ah, and so on.

However, this year, because everyone has adopted it, the full screen suddenly went bad. It felt like a gust of wind and was about to become obsolete soon!

 OLED 1.jpg

One trend that is currently very popular is the folding of smart phones. However, apart from ZTE's ZTE AXON, which has a similar concept, there is still a folded smart phone that Samsung has demonstrated on CES 2018. Samsung is only showing prototypes to a few supply chain executives. It is still not clear what exactly it looks like.

 OLED 2.jpg

OLED 3.jpg

However, one thing is certain that this Samsung Folding Smartphone has been identified as Galaxy X.

The Samsung Galaxy X has a screen size of 7.3 inches when it is unfolded and a screen size of 4.5 inches when it is folded. The specific launch time will be CES2019.

According to industry sources, the Galaxy X sells for about $1,850 (approximately RMB12,000). It is expected that the production date will be around November, and according to reports that the first batch of production will be small, it may be Samsung's first concept machine.

In addition, the rumors about the Samsung S series renamed with the exposure of this folding mobile phone once again, but so far, is not sure whether Samsung has the intention to change, all the answers have to wait until next year's CES will be officially announced .