Investing 1.5 Billion! Yaode Electronic FPC Project Will Land In Henan

- Apr 24, 2018-


On April 18th, Xinzheng City held a signing ceremony for the economic and trade negotiation activities of the Yellow Emperor's hometown Baizu Grand Prix and signing ceremony for the project. It signed a total of 14 projects including the sixth-generation AMOLED screen production and Yaode electronic technology, with a total contracted value of RMB 50.1 billion. .

Compared with previous years, this signing project has a large investment scale, high technological content, and strong driving ability. There are 5 single-item investment projects with a total investment of over RMB 1 billion, and the agreement is worth RMB 44.9 billion. For example, the sixth-generation AMOLED panel production project with a total investment of RMB 40 billion, the Yide Electronic Technology Project with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion, and the total Invested 1.2 billion yuan in Luen Wo Poly State passenger car parts industrial park projects; attracted a group of "high, fine, sharp" projects, including a new generation of electronic information projects 3, industrial robots, smart electrical, automotive new materials accessories High-end equipment manufacturing projects are also fully signed.

It is worth mentioning that the sixth-generation AMOLED screen production project is an aircraft carrier-type project in which Xinzheng City vigorously develops the real economy and attracts a new generation of electronic information technology. The project mainly constructs the sixth-generation AMOLED panel production line and module production line, and produces high-end products such as flexible AMOLED display screens and modules. After the project reaches production, it will produce 30,000 substrates per month, with an annual production value of approximately RMB 20 billion.

In addition, Xinzheng City, with the goal of industrial intelligence, has made great efforts to successfully introduce projects such as Yaode Electronic Technology and industrial intelligent robots that represent the development trend of the industry. Among them, Yaode Electronic Technology Project is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of flexible circuit boards, new electronic components, flexible circuit connectors and precision components, etc. The industrial intelligent robot project mainly constructs an annual output of 500 sets of industrial robots and intelligent equipment production lines. After that, the annual output value is 600 million yuan.