Intel Exhibits A Mysterious Prototype: The Touchpad Turns Into An OLED Screen

- May 30, 2019-

On May 28th, the Taipei Computer Show COMPUTEX 2019 officially opened, and major hardware manufacturers gathered here to launch their latest products.


At the show, Intel unexpectedly exhibited a very unique notebook product with an OLED screen.


From the live picture, this prototype of the notebook shows a part of the touchpad into an OLED screen, and this "strip" OLED screen will continue to work even when the notebook is closed.


As for its function, the on-site Intel employees demonstrated that the calendar viewing schedule was opened on this "bar" screen, and the functions of streaming music playing music were controlled. Even the various information of the voice assistant Alexa could be displayed on this screen.


In fact, this OLED covers the entire touch version, but Intel only selects the outermost part of the OLED to display information. For the reason, they said that there have been attempts by manufacturers to screen the touch screen (ASUS ScreenPad), and Displaying only the outermost OLED screen also prevents the screen from consuming too much power.


In addition, in order to reduce power consumption, the prototype is equipped with a low-power Atom processor to take charge of this OLED screen.