Innolux Launches AM-miniLED Technology To Seize The OLED Automotive Market

- Sep 03, 2018-

At 2018 Touch Taiwan, Innolux announced the industry's first active matrix (AM miniLED), which will inject new atmosphere into the automotive and TV market. The miniLED design method on the market mainly adopts Passive Matrix (PM). In contrast, the AM-miniLED method used by Innolux is a revolution in the miniLED technology, which can simultaneously reduce the spacing between LEDs and reduce the overall design cost.


Ding Jinglong, executive vice president of Innolux, said that the general small-pitch display screen structure is simple, the front panel of the board will be embedded with multiple LEDs, and the back side will have many driving ICs that drive LEDs. When the distance between the LEDs is smaller, the number of LEDs will increase, and the number of driver ICs behind will increase. Finally, the driver ICs behind them may not be discharged, and in order to solve the reduction of the driver IC, it will be extended. Cost issue.


This also means that the PM-LED display screen is generally seen on the market, but it cannot continuously reduce the LED pitch improvement performance in a cost-effective manner. Ding Jinglong believes that the only way is through the AM-LED method, and the use of Thin Film Transistor (TFT) drive circuit, and thus meet the cost requirements.


Ding Jinglong analysis, the company's AM-miniLED features in addition to the TFT driver, its miniLED is also packaged, which can reduce the difficulty of subsequent processes; in addition, the product can also be implemented on the soft board, can be used as a vehicle application surface backlight Source, replacing the development of OLED in the automotive market.


Ding Jinglong said that OLED has physical limitations, and the material will deteriorate in high temperature environment. However, because the automotive industry has not been able to find a perfect curved surface display solution at this stage, it has to seek the possibility of OLED to realize surface display. However, the emergence of AM-miniLED will become a new alternative, providing the best choice for the surface display of the car factory. It is expected that AM-miniLED will grow significantly in the automotive market two years later.


On the other hand, in the TV market, the current global sales of OLEDs in the 8K field is less than 10%. The key factor lies in cost considerations. Ding Jinglong pointed out that because OLED has its technical problems to be overcome, it needs to increase a lot of research and development costs, resulting in high product prices, making its commodity cost many times higher than LCD TV. The emergence of AM-miniLED, the price is just in the middle of these two technology products, not only with high resolution and performance, but also to meet the cost needs. He revealed that the company's TV with AM-miniLED is expected to be commercialized in the second quarter of 2019.


Ding Jinglong said that Innolux has the confidence to launch a technological revolution war with AM miniLED, and to become the king of display technology. He also officially named the group's AM miniLED technology as PixinLED, and essays on OLED and QLED technology. OLED applications are currently dominated by LG Group on TV, while the latter is dominated by the Samsung Group.


Ding Jinglong pointed out that LG is mainly engaged in OLED TV. The existing OLED production capacity can only meet 1 to 2% of the total TV demand in the world. To become mainstream, it must be extremely high investment, and it is not competitive whether it is competitive after investment, and OLED. The technical nature of this violates physics.


As for Samsung's main QLED TV, the company turned to the use of land-based production capacity, Ding Jinglong said that the existing QLED is just a backlight technology, the impact is not enough to compete with OLED, the pixel level QLED is extremely difficult and not easy to succeed.


Taiwan has advantages in the LCD, LED and IC industries. If it can be properly integrated, Taiwanese factories will have the opportunity to kill the road with miniLED. Ding Jinglong said that Innolux will launch a technological revolution and believe that this technological revolution will benefit all participants, but Innolux will be the biggest winner.