Industry New City Operator Transformation To Do OLED, Do You Believe It?

- May 25, 2018-

Today we saw a problem in knowing that - "Can the development of Gu'an AMOLED drive the transformation and upgrading of Hebei's industries?" Is there a strategic layout for China's happiness?

This is really not to know, at first glance, is China's industrial city operators so ambition to engage in OLED screen? That's a billion-odd investment. We only knew that BOE was doing OLED! After a closer look, we realized that it was not China Huaxia's happiness to be an OLED, but under their promotion, Gu'an became an OLED industry cluster. China's happiness is the driving force behind the integration of this city.


In the eyes of Yang, the integration of production and industry is the only way for many cities in China to get rid of poverty and invigorate.

What is "integration of production and industry"? As the name implies, integration of industry and city is the combination of industry and the city. When it comes to industrial development, it must be promoted together with the government.

The Gu’an Industrial New City is a good example: After cooperating with the government, China’s Happiness has performed “overall planning”. According to this orientation and planning, Gu'an was first introduced to BOE and Guan’an was introduced. Once these two companies were introduced, it meant that a new class of 100 billion industrial clusters was introduced!

Here, it must be explained that this one-billion-level project is commonly referred to as a "PPP project."

The so-called PPP, the Public-Private Partnership between government and social capital, is a model of project operation in public infrastructure. Under this model, private companies and private capital are encouraged to cooperate with the government and participate in the construction of public infrastructure.

What is at its core is to allow the non-public sector's resources to participate in the provision of public goods and services so that the parties to the cooperation can achieve more favorable results than expected. The government also participates deeper in the management and operation processes during the later stages of the project, and the enterprises are more involved in the feasibility study and project initiation phase of the project. Both the government and the enterprise participate in the entire process. The two parties cooperate for a longer period of time and their information is more symmetrical.

So, Yang Jie to give everyone a key point:

First, PPP is not only a means of financing, but also a reform of the institutional mechanism, involving the reform of the administrative system, the reform of the financial system, and the reform of the investment and financing system. Second, this model allows the government's credibility and power advantages to be combined with the professionalism of social capital and better cooperation between both parties.

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