In August, Global Large-size LCD Panel Shipments Reached 60.94 Million Pieces.

- Jan 17, 2019-

The market research institute NPDDisplaySearch's latest large-size panel shipment monthly report pointed out that since entering 2014, the large-size panel shipment area has continued to grow. Since the record high of 12.64 million square meters in June, it has maintained 1,258 in July. 10,000 square meters of shipping area, and global large-size LCD panel shipments reached a new high in August, breaking through 13 million square meters for the first time, reaching 13.36 million square meters, compared with 11.34 million square meters in April 2013. Growing 18%.

Due to the inventory adjustments made by the downstream after the peak purchase in the second quarter, the panel shipments declined in July 2014, and the growth momentum was resumed in August after the panel continued to face shortages. In August 2014, the global shipment of large-size LCD panels reached 60.94 million, a 6% increase from July.

In terms of product categories, monthly liquid crystal display (LCDMonitor) panel shipments grew by 2% in August 2014. Except for the 18.5-inch recession, mainstream sizes such as 19.5, 21.5, 24 and 27 inches all grew; 20 inches and above The monthly shipment of LCD panels has grown from 8.7 million in July to 9 million, representing the trend of LCDs moving toward large sizes.

Notebook (NB) panel shipments grew from 16 million in July to 17.3 million in August. Monthly shipments grew by 8% and returned to the level of 17 million tablets per month in the second quarter. The notebook panel factory shipment ranking was reversed in June 2014, especially in South Korea's LGDisplay transfer capacity to produce more smart phone panels, and Taiwan's Innolux continued to maintain 4 million pieces in a single shipment; Since June 2014, it has surpassed South Korea's LGDisplay for the first time to become the world's top notebook computer panel shipment. In July and August, Innolux still maintains its leading position in NB panel shipments.

At the same time, South Korea's Samsung (Samsung) also reached 3.4 million units in NB panel shipments for the first time, surpassing AUO. In addition, China's BOE also began to use the 8th generation line to produce NB panels and obtained major brand certifications. Shipments increased significantly. In August 2014, shipments exceeded 1 million units in a single month. Under the situation that the demand for NB panels is higher than the expected at the beginning of the year and the panel prices continue to rise, panel makers are competing with each other more and more.

Large-size panel shipments and growth rate in August 2014 (unit: million)

The biggest bright spot for large-size panel shipments came from the LCD TV panel market. In August, LCD TV panel shipments reached 22 million units, up 5% from July and 12% from the same period last year. In August, 4K2K panels shipped for the first time more than 2.3 million in a single month, accounting for 10% of all LCD TV panel shipments.

NXP DisplaySearch Greater China President Xie Qinyi said: "In terms of 4K2K TV panels, in August 2014, Taiwan panel and Korean panel shipments were each about 1 million. Korea panel factory promotes high-end 4K and China market in the global market. Under the two-sided strategy of promoting RGBW4 color 4K, shipments have increased significantly since the beginning of the year, posing a threat to Taiwan's panel makers. And the 8th generation line that LGDisplay started in Guangzhou is expected to produce RGBW4 color 4K TV panels for the Chinese market, and Especially for the Chinese market to promote large sizes such as 49 inches and 55 inches."

Xie Qinyi pointed out that the Hefei Eighth Generation Line of BOE in mainland China has gradually increased the yield of 4K panels, and since September it has made progress toward the target of 100,000 pieces of 4K panels per month. At the same time, Huaxing Optoelectronics of China continues to The 200,000-piece 4K panel shipments are moving forward; in other words, while LCD TV panel supply and demand continue to be tight; the overall 4K panel will be more competitive in terms of specifications and yield.

With the market competition in LCD TV market shifting from 32 inches to 40 inches in 2014, and the market demand for 4K2K TVs, curved TVs and other large-size LCD TVs for 50-inch and above, the growth of shipment area will be It has become the mainstream phenomenon in the large-size panel market in 2014, and may face the overcapacity caused by the gradual opening of several new 8th generation lines in mainland China in the past two years.