Huaying Stopped Working Glass Substrates And Liquid Crystal Materials Suppliers Suffered Heavy Losses

- Dec 20, 2018-

According to industry sources, due to the early warning shutdown of the two major LCD production centers of CPT, Longtan and Yangmei, many glass substrates and liquid crystal materials suppliers may suffer the biggest blow.


According to the source, CPT (hereafter referred to as “Hua Ying”)'s 4.5G and 6G production lines in Taiwan are mainly used in the previous process, and in this process, glass substrates and liquid crystals are the two main materials.


Corning, the supplier of Huaying's main glass substrate, declined to comment on individual customers. At the same time, Huaying also purchased liquid crystal materials from sales agents of Japan JNC Co., Ltd., and also purchased a small amount of liquid crystal materials from Merck.


For photoresist products, Huaying purchased related materials from DFC and MCC in Japan and eChem Solutions and Topgiga Materials in Taiwan. Among them, eChem said it has stopped shipping to Huaying.


Polaroid supplier Optimax Technology said that the impact of Huaying's discontinuation is limited because the company's polarizer products are mainly sold to Huaying's subsidiary in Fuzhou, and the company is still paying regularly. The supply to Huaying's Taiwanese company has been discontinued.


Cheng Mei Materials Technology, another supplier of polarizers, said that because of the small number of small and medium-sized polarizers shipped to Huaying, the impact is not significant.


Coretronic, a supplier of backlight unit (BLU), said the impact was limited because the company only provided a small amount of BLU for Huaying notebook and display applications.


Optical film manufacturer Hwa Hong Industrial expects that accounts receivable from Huaying and Huaying China subsidiaries will be less than NT$4 million (US$130.068 million), but will continue to provide optical to Huaying under the prepayment treaty. film.