Huawei's Comprehensive Screen Mobile Phone New Patent Exposure Earpiece In The Screen

- Nov 13, 2018-

Although everyone knows that the shape of Liu Haiping and the shaped screen will not be the end point of the smart machine, no one can give the exact 100% full screen time. So in the transition, the design of slides, pop-up lenses, etc. emerged, and the confusion became more and more chaotic.


In short, the main difficulty in achieving a 100% full screen is how to lay out the front camera and handset. Earlier, the media reported that Huawei applied for a color-changing glass patent to implement the screen camera solution. Now, the new handset solution has also surfaced.


The USPTO announced the patent draft submitted by Huawei on November 6. The first application time can be traced back to September 2, 2016.


Although it didn't see the proactive, Huawei used a screen-drilled earpiece, which is quite different. Previously, some manufacturers used screen sound technology to kill the handset. I don't know why Hua insisted on keeping it and grooving it in the screen.


In addition, the patented mobile phone uses a back fingerprint, a 3.5mm headphone jack on the top, and a USB-C port on the bottom. I don't know which phone to use.


Due to the particularity of the patent, the icon does not represent the final design language, nor does it mean that the technology will eventually be commercialized. Interested friends will still wait and see.