Huang Zhang: Meizu 16 Will Have A Dragon 845 Will Not Have Bangs

- Jun 15, 2018-

Huang Zhang had personally admitted that Meizu 15 was only his own "small test chopper" for the work, suggesting that Meizu 15 also has some imperfections, and the next Meizu 16 may be more worth the wait. Recently, Huang Zhang also appeared in the Meizu Forum, sharing his views on Liu Hai and the narrow chin. He also revealed that the Meizu 16 will be equipped with the Xiaolong 845 mobile platform.

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Huang Zhang believes that the traditional iPhone's chins and bangs are the two extremes. If you don't consider cameras and stereo speakers, Meizu can actually do bang designs, but Huang Zhang himself is disgusted with bangs and will not use this type of device. Designing, sacrificing a length of 1mm or 2mm to accommodate a better camera and loud speaker, is perfectly acceptable. At the same time, Huang Zhang is also confirmed that the Meizu 16 will be equipped with the Xiaolong 845 mobile platform to compensate for Meizu 15's regret in performance.

Previously, there was news that the Meizu 16 series was similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8 full-view curved screen design, using the COF packaging technology, retains the micro sewing earpiece, but the mBack dot may be canceled, instead of using the fingerprint under the screen + pressure The sensation scheme, coupled with the mEngine's vibrations, mimics the tactile feel of real keys to some extent.

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In addition, Meizu 16 will still be released in a series of ways, including Meizu 16 and Meizu 16 Pro models. Among them, the Meizu 16 uses a 5.5-inch screen, while the Meizu 16 Pro equipped with a 6.1-inch screen, will carry Xiaolong 845 mobile platform, 12 million main camera (Sony IMX380 sensor), from the price of 3,000 yuan.