How To Save The LCD Module

- Jun 08, 2018-


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                         A liquid crystal display module is a component that assembles a liquid crystal display device, a connector, an integrated circuit, a PCB circuit board, a backlight, and a structure. In fact, it is a commercialized component. According to China's relevant national standards, only inseparable integrated components are called "modules", and detachable components are called "components." So the normative name should be called "liquid crystal display component". However, people have long been accustomed to calling it a "module."

                        In today's daily life, it is very necessary to use a lot of what is widely used, but sometimes it will be put a bit longer how to save the LCD module? Take a look at:

                        For long-term storage (such as several years), we recommend the following methods:

                        1, into the polyethylene pocket (preferably anti-static coating) and seal the mouth. And strictly avoid storing under extreme temperature/humidity conditions.

                       2. Store between -10°C and +35°C. There is also the need to remember to keep the dark place and avoid the glare.

                       3. Never put anything on the surface.